Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How to Live Your Dream Life

I've been seeing articles lately about how some people live the perfect online life while their real life is in shambles. Being the Social Worker that I am, my question is why pretend and not just live the life you want? Unfortunately, some people prefer to save face instead of living their dream life, because the truth is living your dream life takes work too. Many are running from "the work" aspect when in all reality they are doing more work pretending then they would be if they were truly taking the time to build the life they want without wanting to automatically jump to the end result. It's understandable though, because we live in a society of "now" and  "instant gratification." There is beauty in work because when we work for the dream we want we uncover so many other parts of the dream that we didn't even know existed that may be even more beautiful than the dream itself. So beautiful that we may even realize we simply weren't dreaming big enough. So my challenge to anyone reading this is to not waste your energy trying to keep up with the dream in your head by jumping to the end result. Your dream is only acting as a representative of the greatness that could be. Instead use your dream as inspiration. Welcome the work that would come with living that dream life, because it is the work that will ultimately reveal the beauty of your dreams. So much so that even your struggles will look like a masterpiece.  Check out some steps you can take to start living your dream life now. Warning: this is not for those interested in saving face, this is only for those serious about their dreams.

How to Live Your Dream Life

1. Write down what your dream life looks like to the very last detail. 

This is the good stuff. The stuff that makes our hearts race and our eyes glisten. Here, write about the material things, but also the emotional things. What you will have and how you will feel when you have it.

2. Write down what you think it will take to get to the place of having all of the things and feelings you just wrote about. Assume the work will be double.

Many skip this step, some don't even know it exists. I call it getting real with yourself. When we dream our heads are in the clouds. When we consider what we think it will take to get to the dream we help to ground ourselves. Many will argue that this step is too overwhelming and will cause them to not pursue their dream. To me, this just shows you how serious you really are.

3. Revisit what you wrote down about your dream life. Do you still feel the same? Why?

I think it's a good idea to get real with ourselves about why we are or why we are not willing to put in the work.

4. Now that you are clear on what your dream really is, break your dream down into steps.

So now that you know what you want and what you're willing to do to get it, break it down into doable steps. Sure you're dreams can be overwhelming sometimes, but simplification is the easiest trick in the book for beating overwhelm.

5. Take what you wrote down as step one, and break it down into smaller tasks.

Write down what you think your first task could be to achieving step one of your dream. Now, break down step one into even smaller tasks. Create a timeline for yourself and begin to schedule each task. The point here is to get you started working on your dream life right away, by eliminating as much overwhelm as possible. 

I believe that once you are intentional about what your dream is and how you can achieve it you eliminate the need to save face because you will literally be too busy creating your dream. As you set out to intentionally live your dream remember to give yourself grace, hard does not mean impossible, and the end result is the sprinkles but not the cake, and probably not the icing.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Beating Overwhelm & Staying Encouraged

Simply put, this is a girl chat. I have the privilege of serving you and over 4,310 women. Today I wanted to take sometime to encourage you to keep pursuing your dreams. Whether you are planning to quit your 9-5, start your own business, or go back to school things can get overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes you don't know what to do, how to proceed, or if you should proceed at all. There are times when you'll have to fight through fear and the negative voices in your head. This is just a reminder for you:

"Go girl. You got this. You can do it. Keep going. Everything is coming together for your good. Stay focused. It'll be worth it. Just do it. "
I never want you to forget this. That's why I made it into an 8x8 print that you can download and hang on your wall. I hope you stay inspired.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Repurposing Your Blog Content for Social Media Channels

Can I be honest with you? Sometimes life happens and things get super busy. Sometimes when I get home I have zero energy and all I want to do is get in bed. I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way sometimes so I try not to be too hard on myself. When it's "just one of those days" I try my best to show myself some self love and take a break. The thing about taking breaks though is the world goes on. If you're anything like me then you can't stand the thought of falling behind. That feeling is magnified in the world of business, blogging, and branding. One day off when you're unprepared can be the difference between a sale or no sale. We're all human and we need breaks. I've learned to to keep my blog and brand up and running even when I'm not. The easy way to do this is by repurposing your blog content. Check out some super easy ways to convert your existing blog content into content for six different social media channels.

Repurposing Your Blog Content for Social Media Channels


In my opinion, Instagram is the best social media channel for microblogging. Using your Instagram account to microblog sets the stage for you to repurpose blog posts. Here's how:

1. Create a summary of main points of your chosen blog post and share with a great photo
2. If you use video's on your blog, share an attention grabbing clip of video. 
Tip: Always share the link you are directing  your audience to in your Instagram profile.


You've only got 160 characters. Make it count. Here's how:

1. Use standout quotes from your blog post and a shortened link to the post.
2. Share helpful tips paired with helpful links that you shared within the blog post. 


Growing your business and not sure how to improve engagement? Here are a few ideas on how to use your blog posts to do so:

1. Use the idea of a blog post as a question to improve engagement in groups or on business pages.
2. Share an excerpt from the your post and an accompanying photo.


Have you ever wanted your own talk show? Well, Periscope is it! Here's how to use your blog content:

1. Use the main points from a blog post to create a mini webinar, and add bonus tips
2. Create mini tutorials and host them live on Periscope based on a blog post.

Email List

Remember, your list consists of your VIPs and VIPs deserve exclusive content! Use your old posts to create extra help for those on your list.

1. Create cheat sheets to supplement your blog post content 
2. Create workbooks to supplement your blog post content.


Behind the scenes central! Why? Because everyone likes a good tour.

1. Share snaps of you showing your audiences some of your favorite posts.
2. Share snaps of you navigating your site

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