Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Office Style: Wall Art

When you're hard at work you need a space that will inspire you to tough it out. That's why it's important to make your office or work space creative. When I decided that I wanted to start my own business and blog I knew that I would have to create a beautiful work space for myself. While there are many parts of my office that are fun and creative, I wanted to share my favorite part as of lately which is my wall art gallery.

I've never been one to hang pictures of any type. Partially because I thought it was too much work because I didn't plan to stay in the places I lived for more than 1-2 years. Big mistake. I would go home and be so uninspired. That's until I met my creative soul sister Lindsay. We shared an office space at work and decided to decorate our office in seasonal themes. It was a big hit! People always stopped by to say how inspired they were. We totally understood because we were inspired too.

Our office screamed good vibes! So I decided to do the same at home. I didn't necessarily want any art I was seeing at stores and I can't draw so I did the next best thing! I designed my own prints. This was only after my fiancĂ© pointed out the fact that I was good at making up phrases and slogans and that it might be a good idea to actually do something with them. So that's exactly what I did.  

Now that I've gotten my feet wet, I have decided to launch my first collection of prints to share with you! I'm very excited and I can't wait to share what I have in store.

These phrases, colors, and patterns keep me inspired and creative. They help me stay focused on my dreams.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blush & Gold

One of my favorite color combinations is blush and gold. I know what you're thinking - wedding colors right? Well yes and no. Will blush and gold be making an appearance at my wedding? Yes, but that's not the reason I love this color combo.

I remember being a little girl and rejecting anything that came in the color blush or gold. Blue dress? No way, I'll take blue.  Gold watch? No thanks, I prefer silver. I guess you can say I was a bit of a tomboy. Then one day it just changed and I fell in love with blush and gold. 

What I love about this color combination is that it is romantic, elegant, fun, and timeless. I love that you can wear it in any season. If never gets old for me. I love going to Pinterest to find inspiration and make mood boards. Check out some of my favorite blush and gold inspiration below.

For more blush and gold pinspiration check out my BLUSH and GOLD board and others on Pinterest.

All photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DIY Sequin Hanger

If there is sparkle around, I'm usually somewhere near by. So when I first laid eyes on a sequin hanger, I knew I had to have one or five. Being a DIYer at heart I decided to try my hand at making one and surprisingly it was easy enough. I love the subtle glam a sequin hanger can add to your closet and the sparkle it adds to a space. In my opinion, it's the ultimate addition of chic. I'll share some quick directions below if you'd like to try it.  If you'd like to share a photo on Instagram of how your DIY sequin hanger turned out tag it #kelleywithloveDIY so that I can check it out! 

Gorilla Glue
1' wide sequin trim (20 yards)
Wooden Hanger

1. Starting at the top glue the fabric to the hanger. 
2. Begin adding glue to about 3 - 4 inches of the fabric at a time as you wrap the sequin trim around the hanger. 
***Tip - Be sure to overlap the sequin trim slightly as you wrap it around the hanger

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall in Love With Kate Spade

I love a good brand - and Kate Spade is a good brand. Kate Spade speaks to my personality and my style. Each piece is quirky, colorful, and fun, which might explain why I chose these Kate Spade shoes to wear on my wedding day.

With Fall fast approaching I always look to my favorite brands for fun pieces and style essentials to get me through the season. Here are my picks for Kate Spade Fall 2014. Click the link to shop each look below.

Photos courtesy of Kate Spade

What are your favorite picks for Fall?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Life More Often

Last week I participated in a twitter chat and one of the questions still stands out in my mind. The question was, "What is your life passion"? Naturally I said that my life passion was celebrating life. That was the first time I had every really put it out there to share with others, but it really gave me an even greater sense of clarity about my life and my brand. Celebrating is my passion, and as the saying goes....ain't no fun if the homies can't have none! So I thought today I'd share my personal tips on how to celebrate life more often. These are things that I do all the time if not daily. Check them out below and use the ones that resonate with you the most!

1. Laugh more

Pretty self explanatory right? Laughing feels good. It's like medicine to the soul. I always say if you're laughing, then you're doing the best thing you can be doing. Lucky for us, there is no shortage of tear inducing non - stop laughter videos on the internet. Increase the laughter in your life by watching funny movies, vine clips, and hanging out with your best girlfriends (they have all the best inside jokes).

2.  Practice expressing gratitude

If you're not grateful for something, then you are missing out on the fullness of life. I never knew what I was missing until I started intentionally expressing gratitude. When I started doing this I stopped taking things for granted and began to celebrate the very things I was complaining about by expressing gratitude. Try it, it's a really perspective changer. You may even notice you'll begin to have even more to celebrate! 

3. Schedule time to celebrate.

Simply put, life will pass you by if you don't schedule time to celebrate yourself, your accomplishments, and those around you. Society has taught us to go go go. Now we must teach ourselves to stop and celebrate! Stop what you're doing right now. Pick up your calendar and schedule at least 4 times in the next month for at least an hour to do something you love and celebrate life.

4. Treat yo self

Ummm, need I say more? Pedicure, manicure, cupcake for breakfast? You choose.

5. Surround yourself with beauty.

My mood this year has been ten times better since I've started paying attention to my space. I made the conscious decision to by flowers weekly this year. This has been such a mood booster for me.  It has actually let to me being a little more organized.  I've been began to decorate a bit more. This is a must try!

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How do you celebrate life? 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


When you find a product a piece of clothing you love, if you're anything like me, you stick with it. I try not to be such a creature of habit, but sometimes I just can't help it. Some of my favorites from this month are pictured below. They're just a a few of the delights I've been enjoying in my life all summer.

OGX Beauty.Pure& Simple Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture 

This is my go to red & it smells so good after it dries. Revlon Parfumerie "China Flower"

I live in Paris in my mind so this shirt is perfect! via Target

I was in Kate Spade heaven when I found this skirt! via Target

Love fall fashion so I had to get Vogue and gather inspiration for my fall style!

Comment below and tell me...what are some of your favorites from the month? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

College Style

It's been years (and I literally mean years) since I've been in college, but my college style has stuck with me. I went to the University of South Carolina, which can call for TONS of walking. So for me, college style was all about comfort, chic, and creativity. I find that when I'm working on a big project and have lots of errands to run I often revert to my college style. Usually I'll throw on something that is comfortable, but versatile. This makes it easy to go from day to night in the snap of a finger. Here, I'm wearing a simple button up, shorts, and Converse. I paired these with a topknot and red lips for a casual chic look. The fun thing about a simple outfit like this is that if you have an event later in the evening, but no time to run home you could easily take this look from day to night. Here's how to do that in 5 steps...

How to Take Your College Style From Day to Night
1. Switch out your sneakers for some strappy heels. 

2. If you're wearing a long sleeve button up, roll up your sleeves to 3/4 inches in length.
3. Throw on a few accessories (i.e. layered necklaces, bracelets, rings)

4. Add a fun lip, some blush, and mascara.

5. Switch your bag for a clutch

red lips

What's your favorite go to college look? Comment below. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

1000 Lovely Things

When I was creating Kelley With Love I had the idea of creating a series called 1000 Lovely Things. My plan was to document 1000 ways to feel good and express gratitude. I believe this is the secret to a truly abundant and happy life. In the spirit of gratitude and feeling good, I want to say THANK YOU to each and everyone of you that has joined me on the journey of Kelley With Love on Instagram. Since launching my blog, my Instagram audience his grown extensively and I recently hit 1000+ followers. This brings me so much joy because I truly enjoy inspiring and connecting with you. I wanted to give back a little by sharing 3 easy steps to connect with others and grow your Instagram audience. Check it out below.

3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Instagram and Grow Your Audience

1. Post often

It's good to remain connected to your audience. I recommend posting at least once a day. You don't have to go overboard posting photos. Just share something meaningful that is inspiring, a solution to a problem, or a real look at your life (don't be too personal).

2. Live Life

You're not going to have anything to post on Instagram if you're not out living and enjoying your life. Take a few photos of the fun and memorable moments, then put the phone away and enjoy yourself. You'll have plenty of time to post later!

3. Post from the Heart

Instagram is a way to tell your story visually. Show off the most authentic parts of your story. The key to posting authentically is to not overthink it! Post what is important to you and inspiring to your followers.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Free Download: Tickled Pink and Starry-Eyed September 2014 Wallpaper

We're starting September off fancy! I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day. I'm sure you swept up on the fall sales this weekend. Just in case you forgot to get something special to dress up your favorite devices, I've got you covered.  Click to download the wallpaper of your choice, or all of them, below.

P.S - The beginning of the month is a great time to work on your life and business goals. Click here to download your own Visual Branding Style Guide template and sign up here to get the Visual Branding Style Guide with extra tips to help you complete your template.

Click to download for: iPhone
Directions: Click the link. Save the photo to your iPhone. Go to settings. Select Wallpapers & Brightness. Select Choose a New Wallpaper. Go to Photos. Select the photo and adjust.

Click to download for: iPad
Directions: Click on link and save image to your iPad. Go to Settings. Select Wallpapers & Brightness. Select Choose a New Wallpaper. Select the photo and adjust.

Click to download for: Mac Desktop
Directions: Click link. Right click photo. Choose use image as desktop picture.